News and Views!

Hey everyone!

It has been a hot minute since I’ve released an episode, but we will be back in the swing of things this weekend! I’ll be switching it up a bit, after some hard lessons learned I will be changing the content and formatting a little bit. I’d really appreciate some feedback! I will be focusing on the Libertarian Party for the bulk of my content. Who the up and comers are, ballot access battles, candidates, strategy, and Libertarians in the news! Maybe a dash of drama, but I’d like to keep it focused on more relevant topics. I struggled with figuring out just what I wanted the show to be, and at first it was mostly a list of grievances, and some dull history/topics of the day. One thing I noticed when looking around the Libertarian landscape was a lack of real news in a centralized way. Sure there are plenty of pundits talking about mainstream current events, and giving their libertarian views on them, but I’d like to know who our candidates are, where they are running, how they are doing, and what strategies are working to help Libertarians gain traction and even win elections! 2016 and 2018 were rough years with a lot of newcomers to the party struggling to find their place in a sea of individuals. So this show and blog will try to focus on the path forward. With your help, I may even be able to get some better equipment for interviews, and on location broadcasts and recordings from LibertyCon, YALCon, Libertarian National Convention, election night coverage and more! I originally wanted to be completely listener funded, but I will look at having some limited advertising on the show as well. I’d like to keep the ads to a minimum though, so if you like what you hear please subscribe, rate the show, and share with friends and family! The more support I have the better the content will be.

Thank you all for the support, and words of encouragement over the last few months, I’m looking forward to getting even more accomplished in the coming years!